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Everybody talks about digital transformation.

We do it.

Enabling the digital transition

What we do

We cover the full lifecycle.

We build cloud-native applications from scratch, transition your legacy technology to the cloud or optimize what you already have on the cloud.

We build highly scalable cloud-native applications
  • We deploy serverless infrastructures that can scale with the needs of your organization
  • We focus on user experience and usability, leveraging modern react.js frameworks
  • We build highly scalable cloud-native applications optimized for performance and cost
Cloud Transition
We transition what you have to the cloud
  • We decompose your existing IP and transform it into scalable, secure, cloud-native solution
  • We decouple your IP from its local architecture and move it to containerized applications on the cloud
  • We scale the applications and processes with Kubernetes, AWS ECS or Docker Swarm
Cost Optimization
We are the efficient masters of lean
  • We familiarize ourselves with your organizational objectives and define an efficient cloud implementation
  • We build and design cloud solutions optimized to prevent cost spikes
  • We analyze your existing solutions and optimize their performance versus costs
We expose, analyze and fix vulnerabilities
  • We are ethical hackers, certified by proven industry standards (OSCP, CEH)
  • We do penetration testing of your systems, analyze and expose your vulnerabilities
  • We optimize your systems so they meet the highest security standards (ISO/IEC 27002)

Recent example

A scalability challenge.

On-premise, manual workflow between local PCs and a Linux cluster fully automated and scaled-up using the cloud.  

Serverless cloud architecture for Energy

Cloud Transition

Transition To Cloud
Third Party Integration
Hybrid Cloud
Massive Scalability

A global Energy company has a workflow in place which is manual, labor-intensive, and not scalable beyond a limited number of highly specialized experts. It involves manually exporting data from a PC, transferring it to an on-premises Linux cluster, setting up and running a data processing job, and then transferring the resulting dataset back to the PC.

We designed a fully automated and scalable, cloud solution to replace this manual workflow. The user activates the job on the PC; the system then exports and transfers relevant data to the cloud, assigns resources required to process the data, runs the job, and imports the data back into the PC application.

The solution does not require any special skills and is scalable to a theoretically unlimited number of users or processed jobs.