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What we do

We cover the full lifecycle.

We build cloud-native applications from scratch, transition your legacy technology to the cloud or optimize what you already have on the cloud.

We build efficient cloud


We build cloud applications
  • We build efficient cloud
    We build highly scalable cloud-native applications optimized for performance and cost
  • We build efficient cloud
    We deliver outstanding user experience and usability
We build efficient cloud


We transition IP to the cloud
  • We build efficient cloud
    We decouple your IP from its local architecture and move it to containerized applications on the cloud
  • We build efficient cloud
    We scale the applications and processes up or down based on your needs
We build efficient cloud


We gain you time and money
  • We build efficient cloud
    We familiarize ourselves with your objectives and define an efficient cloud implementation
  • We build efficient cloud
    We analyze your existing solutions and optimize performance versus costs
We build efficient cloud


We expose and fix vulnerabilities
  • We build efficient cloud
    We do penetration testing of your systems, analyze and expose your vulnerabilities
  • We build efficient cloud
    We optimize your systems so they meet the highest security standards (ISO/IEC 27002)

Recent case studies

Recent examples of our work.

We like solving problems in industries where we have deep domain experience, but we love learning something new even more.


Massively scalable video streaming solution

Massive Scalability
Third Party Integration
Video Streaming

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of many individuals and businesses. One of those groups is performing artists who can't perform live in the current environment.

RECLIVE is a massively scalable video streaming solution, allowing artists, promoters or DJs to stream and monetize their performances easily. RECLIVE Live-Mode combines pre-recorded video with a live experience into one. Streaming pre-recorded videos lower production costs substantially, and it gives the artists time to “get it right.” RECLIVE implements a range of DRM measures designed to protect content.

The first customer of this solution has transformed live entertainment through the power of interactive streaming. They have delivered live stream performances from the most iconic names in music.

Serverless cloud architecture for Energy
Entertain your virtual audiences in a financially rewarding way.

Ridgeway Kite

Workflow Advisory & Front-end Design

Transition to Cloud
UI Design
Workflow Optimization

The client built a highly complex software application consisting of multiple modules and a data model with multiple dependencies but with no front-end. 

The objective of the design/advisory process was to design a front-end for the application that would meet several criteria:

  • Easy to navigate and use GUI
  • "Installable" application - on user's device but with just one codebase for both desktop and web versions - similar to Slack, Twitch, or WhatsApp
  • The front-end purpose is to let users prepare a dataset/model, launch a computationally intensive task on the cloud (choosing either AWS, Google Cloud, or MS Azure), receive and visualize the results.

The resulting front-end is a react.js application leveraging Electron for the cross-platform functionality.

Serverless cloud architecture for Energy
A low resolution wireframe of one of the front-end screens