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Everybody talks about digital transformation.
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Enabling the digital transition

What we do

We cover the full lifecycle.

We build cloud-native applications from scratch, transition your legacy technology to the cloud or optimize what you already have on the cloud.

We build cloud applications
  • We deploy serverless infrastructures that can scale with the needs of your organization
  • We focus on user experience and usability, leveraging modern react.js frameworks
  • We build highly scalable cloud-native applications optimized for performance and cost
Cloud Transition
We transition stuff to the cloud
  • We decompose your existing IP and transform it into scalable, secure, cloud-native solution
  • We decouple your IP from its local architecture and move it to containerized applications on the cloud
  • We scale the applications and processes with Kubernetes, AWS ECS or Docker Swarm
Cost Optimization
We gain you time and money
  • We familiarize ourselves with your organizational objectives and define an efficient cloud implementation
  • We build and design cloud solutions optimized to prevent cost spikes
  • We analyze your existing solutions and optimize their performance versus costs
We expose and fix vulnerabilities
  • We are ethical hackers, certified by proven industry standards (OSCP, CEH)
  • We do penetration testing of your systems, analyze and expose your vulnerabilities
  • We optimize your systems so they meet the highest security standards (ISO/IEC 27002)

Recent case studies

Recent examples of our work.

We like solving problems in industries where we have deep domain experience, but we love learning something new even more.



Massively Scalable Video Streaming Solution
Massive Scalability
Third Party Integration
Video Streaming

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of many individuals and businesses. One of those groups is performing artists who can't perform live in the current environment.

We have developed a massively scalable streaming solution (for millions of concurrent viewers), allowing artists to stream and monetize their performances easily. The artist or promoter can integrate the video player into a website or a mobile app with just a few lines of code. The video player operates in "live" mode - i.e., the fans are not able to "fast-forward" the stream but can pause and then "catch-up" with the broadcast. Lastly, we implemented a range of sophisticated DRM measures protecting the IP of the artist.

The first customer of this solution has transformed live entertainment through the power of interactive streaming. They have delivered live stream performances from the most iconic names in music.

In 2021 they plan to stream artists of an even higher caliber - Bruno Mars, Usher, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and more.

Serverless cloud architecture for Energy
The AWS Tokyo and Seoul components of the solution


U3 Explore

Secure Data Management Platform
Massive Scalability
Transition to Cloud
Workflow Optimization

U3+ is a cloud-native, highly scalable, and secure virtual data room.

It supports uploading and managing almost any data and visualization of supported data/file formats, with granular user rights. U3+ enables industry-specific workflows through interactive applications.

U3+ system overview:

  • Cloud-native - no installation required by the user, accessible from any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, phone. 
  • Reliable - with 99.9% availability. 
  • Secure - encrypted communication, multi-factor user authentication. 
  • Global - leveraging global cloud infrastructure and CDN for maximum performance regardless of user location. 
  • Scalable - U3+ is modular and can grow with the customer's demands through the addition of new applications. 
  • Connected - U3+ can connect to just about any database or a real-time data source via APIs. 
  • Unlimited - number of users, unlimited storage. 
Serverless cloud architecture for Energy
Datastore/datalake with the complete component ecosystem